Study helps: Gary E Stevenson – The Heart of a Prophet

From Come Follow Me:

To help members “comprehend the magnitude” of the calling of a new prophet, you could invite members to search Elder Stevenson’s message, looking for truths and insights that help them understand the significance and sacredness of this divine process. Consider inviting members to share what they felt during the solemn assembly in which President Nelson was sustained as President of the Church. You could also draw a heart on the board and ask members to write in it words or phrases that describe the heart and character of President Nelson. What has he taught that has blessed us?

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The significance and sacredness of the calling of a new prophet

‘President Spencer W. Kimball explained:

“As one star sinks behind the horizon, another comes into the picture, and death spawns life.

“The work of the Lord is endless. Even when a powerful leader dies, not for a single instant is the Church without leadership, thanks to the kind Providence who gave his kingdom continuity and perpetuity. As it already has happened … before in this dispensation, a people reverently close a grave, dry their tears, and turn their faces to the future.”’

How did you feel at the passing of President Monson?

Did you feel the sense of ‘continuity and perpetuity’?

‘President Joseph F. Smith taught, “There is always a head in the Church, and if the Presidency of the Church are removed by death or other cause, then the next head of the Church is the Twelve Apostles, until a presidency is again organized.”’

What processes are followed when a Prophet passes away? How is his successor chosen?

‘Elder David B. Haight described a previous occurrence of what we participated in today:

“We are witnesses to and participants in a most sacred occasion—a solemn assembly to act upon heavenly things. As in olden times, there has been much fasting and prayer offered by the Saints throughout the world that they may receive an outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord, which is so much in evidence … on this occasion this morning.

“A solemn assembly, as the name implies, denotes a sacred, sober, and reverent occasion when the Saints assemble under the direction of the First Presidency.”’

Did you participate in the Solemn Assembly? How did you feel?

‘Interestingly, as President Nelson’s call to the Twelve 34 years ago ended a professional medical career of strengthening and repairing hearts, it began a ministry as an Apostle devoted to strengthening and repairing hearts of countless tens of thousands around the world, each having been lifted and healed by his words and acts of wisdom, service, and love.’

In what ways has President Nelson’s life and ministry prepared him for his prophetic call?

What attributes have you observed in President Nelson?

In what ways would you like to be more like him?

What significant things did President Nelson teach us at Conference?

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