The parable of the orienteers (Re-blogged from October 2015)


When I was a teenager I went on a school trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  A day packed with exciting and adventurous outdoor activities beckoned. The first activity was orienteering. Working in pairs, the task was to locate a series of plastic canisters which had letters written on their side, note down the letters as proof of location and get back to start point as quickly as possible. Pairs would start at timed intervals and the team with the lowest time would win.

My friend John and I were excited to be picked as the first pair to set off. We committed that we would go as fast as we could and not let any of the  following pairs catch us. Off we hared and each plastic canister was duly located with minimum fuss and in good time. However, in our excitement, we had not heard, or had failed to listen to…

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