FSY – another week of miracles!


This last year we have been blessed to work on preparing for another session of FSY with a truly wonderful team. The session took place at the beginning of August and was attended by around 400 youth and 81 YSA counsellors. As last year, we were privileged to see many miracles as hearts were touched and lives changed. Here is a very small (but typical) sample of the feedback from the session:

‘I learnt many new things at FSY. I learnt how to properly read the scriptures and not just skim through them. I learnt how I can press forward with a steadfastness in Christ as well as the importance of sharing the gospel.’ (Participant, aged 17)

‘I felt the Spirit almost all the time over this last week.’ (Participant aged 17)

‘I became a more loving person. I became a true believer in Christ’s love for all of us individually. I became more empathetic, working on seeing people as Christ sees them, assuming the best about them and their intentions.’ (Participant aged 15)

‘Spiritually I enjoyed the Living Christ activity as it really strengthened my testimony. I also liked the social events (dance etc) because I felt more socially confident than I usually am.’ (Participant aged 14)

‘Christ means more to me now as I know how much he loves me.’ (Participant aged 17)

‘It was really fun and a great experience’. (Participant aged 16)

‘I learned that the Book of Mormon is true and that my Saviour is real and loves me.’ (Participant aged 15)

‘I have felt the Spirit very often, especially in testimony meetings and in the Living Christ activity. It has been amazing.’ (Participant aged 16)

‘I have a fresh determination/resolution to be my better self. My goal was to have quality time communicating with Heavenly Father on my knees morning and night and I feel that I have’ (Counsellor)

‘I particularly liked the time we were given to personally study the scriptures and also the morningsides as they were very spiritual forms of teaching.’ (Participant aged 16)

‘Christ means more to me because I feel like I can relate to him more and that I feel his love more and I am able to recognise when the Spirit touches my life.’ (Participant aged 15)

‘I wasn’t really too keen on coming this week but I’m glad that I did – I’ve met so many new people and done so many things and learned so much – my life will never be the same again. I can’t wait to come back and do it all again! FSY!’ (Participant aged 14)

‘My observations and local feedback have left me with no doubt as to the outstanding success and incredible impact FSY has had on our youth.’ (Priesthood leader)


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