Boaz as a type of Christ

The book of Ruth tells the story of Ruth, an ancestor of Jesus. Following the death of her husband she decides to leave her own country, people and religion to follow her mother-in-law to Israel. Here she finds a husband in her ‘kinsman’ Boaz. Boaz is a foreshadowing or type of Christ.


  • Like Jesus, Boaz was of the tribe of Judah.
  • He was an ancestor of David and of Jesus.
  • He was born and lived in Bethlehem.
  • He owned a field into which he sent His laborers. (He was a ‘Lord of the Harvest’)
  • The Hebrew word translated as kinsman, go’el literally means “redeemer.”
  • Boaz became the kinsman Redeemer of both Jew and Gentile, by buying the lost inheritance of Naomi and Ruth thus gaining the right to make Ruth his bride. In this way Boaz is a type of Christ’s love and redemptive power.
  • Before approaching Boaz in his own place, Ruth washes and anoints herself and puts on raiment.
  • When Ruth comes and lays at Boaz’s feet Boaz does not immediately receive her. He tells her that there is a relative closer than Himself who has a right to redeemer. Boaz is acting in accord with the Law of God.
  • The Saviour receives and welcomes Jew and Gentile. He pays our debt, and therefore, gains the right to make us His bride.
  • Boaz paid the price of the redemption of Naomi and Ruth outside the gate of the city. Hundreds of years later Jesus Christ would pay the price for us also outside the gate of the city.
  • He was honouring the demands of the Law and obeying the Lord in his dealings with Ruth. He does not, and cannot redeem Ruth and Naomi until he has obeyed the demands of the law, and then pay the price to redeem her. The Saviour, similarly first fulfills the righteous requirements of the Law, then He pays the price.



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